The Concept

Maharshi is a Sanskrit word, written as “महर्षि” in Devanagari meaning a member of the high class of ancient Indian scientists, popularly known in India as “Rishis“, or “seers“, especially those who do research to understand and know nature and its governing laws. Alternate meanings describe Maharshi as a collective name that refers to the Seven Rishis or Saptarishis cited in the scriptures of Rig Veda and the Puranas.


The Project MAHARSHI has started to fulfill the basic 3 objectives or It can be say as TRIPLE ‘S’ Model also i.e.

  • Spread Education among the Students
  • Supports to Develop their Skills
  • Strengthen the Hands of the Institutions (Both Public & Private Institutions)


Providing proper atmosphere that can help them to think innovatively.
Providing proper support/encouragement that can help them to shape whatever they think to innovate.
Generating a multi dimensional support system that can help both the innovator and the society.




Technology for All
Help to being Skilled
Choose Specialties
Adopt Innovator
Investment on Talent
 Take Patents
Innovation Marketing



    SAIARD will arrange ..

  • Innovative learning.
  • Skill based & capacity building training programmes.
  • Introducing industry oriented course modules that can bridge the gap between industry and academic institutions.
  • As well as the academic persons , resource persons from the various industries can also be associated in developing the course modules and taking classes.
  • Conducting projects that is related to the in collaboration with the industries.
  • Organising Conference/Workshops in collaboration.
  • Organising Industry- Innovator Meet.


     Industry have to..

  • Take an open door policy for the students internship and training.
  • Take risk to adopt students, basically their ideas.
  • Show their interest to be associated with the academic house as a technical knowledge partner.
  • share some parts of their projects to the students for their hands-on experience.
  • Collaborate with the academic/research institutions through their CSR projects.
  • Adopt innovator.
  • Provide some financial support. 


Expert’s Opinion

“The students often fail to answer during interviews as there is no experience-based learning. Just conducting seminars is not enough, there should be industry-institute collaborations throughout the year,” Dr Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE.

It is important for the industries to get involved in the curriculum design, supporting the laboratory facilities, funding centres of excellence, arranging industry visits by the college students, and even partial off-loading of Research and Development projects to colleges. They should not come to colleges every year only during placements.

 “Basic foundation has to be created in the institution and specialised learning has to happen in the respective industries. More than specific skill gaps academia should worry about generic skill gaps like communication skills and so on,” he said.


To Support

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