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SAIARD Research and Consultancy Cell is a single channel window to diverse externally funded research and industrial consultancy project at the Institute. In consonance with the ‘Make in India’ thrust of the Government as well as to support upcoming researchers the Cell has geared up to play a greater role to act as the hinge point for multi and interdisciplinary mega research work. A tradition of uncompromising quality-concern has put the Institute in good treads and, over the last few years, a good number of government and non-government funding agencies have come forward to sponsor research activity which bears testimony to the quality of research programs carried out at the Institute.

Presently the Institute is putting a purposeful thrust on collaborative research both at national and international level. Casting a glance at its academic departments, the Institute can boast of commendable performance of its faculty members and research scholars, particularly their quality research output which is reflected by a significant number of publications in Hi-Indexed, peer-reviewed national and international journals.

Institute shares its research accomplishments with other institutes, research organizations and industry. Institute is also encouraging patent filling, more stress on establishment of academic and research collaboration with International and National institutes/R&D organization, emphasising on innovative product development and corporate interaction. Over the last few years, in tune with the Institute policy of strengthening national and international collaboration, the Institute has signed quite a number of MoUs with various academic/ research/ government organisations and Industry houses like National Mission for Clean Ganga, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt of India, National Institute of Urban Affairs, Govt of India, SBL Corp. Ltd. SAARC Cultural Centre, Sri Lanka etc.  

Research Domains


Pilot Projects


  1.  ‘Preparation of Urban River Management Plan through Cluster Approach for Hugli-Chinsurah Cluster in West Bengal’ a project funded by the NMCG, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt of India and conducted jointly by NIUA, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt of India and SAIARD.
  2. ‘Learning from COVID -19 – Urban Governance Perspective’ for Assam state funded by RCUES, AIILSG, MoHUA, Govt of India
  • Topographic mapping for 100 sheets at scale 1:50k for parts of North-East, Central and Ngamiland Districts for the Dept of Survey & Mapping of Botswana,South Africa funded by SPA GEO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on 29/03/2020 – 30/06/2020
  •  Hydro-geological ground water study & hydro-graphic survey work for water availability at Dankuni Coal Complex, West Bengal funded by Coal India Ltd., Projects and Development India Ltd., & SPA GEO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on 31/03/2020 – 20/07/2020
  • “GIS based property tax register” Urban Administration and Development Department, Hovt. of M.P., Bhopal, India funded by Urban Administration and Development Department, Hovt. of M.P., Bhopal, India and SPA GEO Technologies Pvt. Ltd on 19/04/2020 – 02/07/2020
  • Modeling future land use/land cover and seasonal land surface temperature changes based on CA-ANN algorithm to assess its impacts on Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA), India
  • Detection of spatio-temporal changes of land use and land cover using remote sensing and gis technique and its impact on socio economic sector: a case study of Blagarh Block, Hooghly district in West Bengal
  • Flood susceptibility mapping using geospatial techniques- A case study of Hyderabad, Telengana District, India
  • ‘Preparation of Urban River Management Plan through Cluster Approach for Hugli-Chinsurah Cluster in West Bengal’ a project funded by the NMCG, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt of India and conducted jointly by NIUA, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt of India and SAIARD.
  • ‘Learning from COVID -19 – Urban Governance Perspective’ for Assam state funded by RCUES, AIILSG, MoHUA, Govt of India 
  • Analysing Education facilities in Howrah District, West Bengal, India
  • Site suitability evaluation for agricultural land of Sikkim using MCDM-AHP approach and geospatial techniques
  • Analysing Health Care facilities in North 24 Paraganas District, West Bengal, India
  • Flood Risk Modeling of Kerala using multi-source geospatial data and Analytical Hierarchy Process 
  • Creation of green corridors in Ranchi city with the help of GIS technology
  •  Spatio-temporal analysis of glacial lakes of Western Himalayas in Chamoli and Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand using Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Role of Geospatial Technology for Hydroponics Horticulture Based Roof Top Farming in Cities as Emerging Future Prospective
  • Urban flood as natural hazard and it’s management in Kolkata municipal corporation
  • The morphometric analysis of Sagileru river basin, Andhra Pradesh, by using geospatial technology
  • Identification of Wetlands in Ajay River Basin & proposing its sustainable management: A geospatial Approach
  • Water Quality assessment of Hooghly river near Howrah district
  • Site suitability analysis of agricultural land through AHP and GIS technique A Case Study
  • GIS and RS Based TOPSIS, VIKOR and EDAS Approaches for Delineation of Ground
  • Soil Loss Estimation of Bhagirathi Hooghly River Using Rusle Model
  • Analysis and Characterization of Hydrological Drought under Changing Climatic Conditions
  • Flood Susceptibility Mapping over Teesta River Basin using  Geospatial Technology
  • Ground Water Potential Zone of Ajay River Basin using Remote Sensing and Geographical
  • Environmental Vulnerability Mapping in Ajay River Basin using Geospatial Technology
  • Increase in Land Surface Temperature for Rapid Urbanization in Bidhannagar Area
  • Identification of ground water-potential using Geospatial techniques in the Ajay River
  • Identification of water-stressed areas using Geospatial techniques in the Ajay River Basin
  • Effects of Different Urbanization Levels On Land Surface Temperature Change In The City Of Howrah and Kolkata
  • Assessment of Eco-Sensitive Zone Using Geospatial Technology: A Case Study On Sundarban
  •  Flood Susceptibility zone identification of Damoder River Basin


  1. Forest-Fire area detection and mapping using Microwave Remote Sensing and thermal anomalies in Aizawl, Mizoram, India
  2. A study on the shoreline changes of the Eastern Coast of India
  3. Sedimentation Risk Assessment and Prediction for Upper Cauvery River Basin Using Artificial Neural Network
  4. Change detection in coastal sand dune caused by cyclone events, east coast, southern India
  5. Bank Erosion and its impact on LULC changes in the lower basin of Kankai Mai River using Geospatial Technologies
  6. Investigation of Health Condition in the Western Bank of India
  7. Using geospatial techniques in tourism management of West Bengal
  8. Urban land use monitoring using remote sensing and geo-informatics: a study of Midnapore municipality, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal
  9. A brief account on solid waste management of Krishnanagar municipality and its impact in environment with GIS approch
  10. Population growth and associated changes in land use land cover in Siliguri using geospatial techniques
  11. GIS in rural development
  12. Geospatial technology and application of local level urbanization analysis and development in Domjur block, Howrah of West Bengal
  13. A geo-spatial prelude on the prospect of groundwater potentiality: future groundwater prospect mapping in Bankura district, West Bengal
  14. Using geospatial technology to delimiting a tropical super cyclone Amphan over south 24 parganas and Bay of Bengal and it’s impact on agriculture
  15. Application of GIS technology in impact of Amphan cyclone on public health & challenges and monitoring the amphan cyclone in Kolkata
  16. Seasonal variations and spatial vulnerability assessment of extreme lightning events in India, using GIS
  17. Covid-19 vaccination coverage of north 24 parganas: A block level analysis
  18. Urbanisation and Its Impact on Land Surface Temperature: A study of Siliguri City, West Bengal, India
  19. Assessment of land use and land cover changes in Western Ghats, Kerala: A study using remote sensing and GIS.

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