Research Papers

Patronized Journals

1. International Journal of Integrated Research and Development (UGC Approved Peer Reviewed and Multidisciplinary Journal)ISSN: 2278-8670 UGC Enlisted Journal No. 41601; Volume – 2 Issue – March, 2019; Special Issue on APPLICATION OF GEOSPATIAL TECHNOLOGY IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (Pdf Version)


2.  International Journal of Integrated Research and Development (UGC Approved Peer Reviewed and Multidisciplinary Journal) ISSN: 2278-8670 UGC Enlisted Journal No. 41601 Volume – 2 Issue – March, 2019 ; Special Issue on SUSTAINABLE LIVING CONCERNS: A PERSPECTIVE ON PSYCHO-SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT (Pdf Version)

  1. Flood susceptibility mapping using geospatial techniques- A case study of Hyderabad, Telengana District, India published at the International Jr. of of Hydrology Science and Technology (Scopus Indexed) ISSN (Online):2042-7816 Link – 

  2. Usage Pattern of Supplied Water in South Kolkata published at The Urban World, a quarterly journal of AIILSG, Mumbai, Govt of India Vol.-15, No.1, January – March, 2022, ISSN: 2349-0241

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