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“If the Earth is a Mother, then Rivers are her Veins.” Amit Kalantri

Rivers are the lifeline of all civilizations as they provide a plethora of life giving benefits. They have encouraged human kind to establish major human civilizations and their cities. Throughout the history of human evolution, rivers have contributed for the wellbeing of human kind so the man has bestowed the rivers as a deity: Goddess of river, she was considered the mother goddess too. According to Celtic tradition, she is the mother, healer and the wisdom purveyor. According to Hindu belief, Goddess Sarawathi is believed to be the river deity with beauty and wisdom. As we look from pre-historic times,  all civilizations were established and flourished near rivers. It had played a significant role in agriculture, transport and trade and thereby in the advancement human civilization. Rivers are an element of the hydrological cycle in which water collects via precipitation and its intensity expands as it collects more water from many tributaries that feeds its drainage system. Beginning from a thin silver hair from the top of mountain, it gathers the surrounding waters and commute down the hell with all its fresh qualities by capturing all natural minerals and nutrients that ultimately support the wellbeing of humankind for ages and ages so tirelessly that has enabled generations to evolve to economically, technologically and culturally nurtured civilizations with superior qualities.  


Rivers run through our history and folklore, and link us to people and their civilizations. They nourish and refresh us and provide a home to dazzling varieties of fish, wildlife trees and myriad varieties of plants. Be it the Amazon, the Mississippi or our very own indigenous, sacred ever flowing Ganges, every river has a unique identity and a character of its own which flows not just past landscapes, but through our cultures and rituals resonating with a tingling, sensation, vibrating and exciting every cell of the body when we witness its magnificence and grandeur , as it flows .Our minds and souls  begin to  rejoice and rejuvenate ,refreshed and purified and devoid of any fatigue. They are life giving and nourishing life in all its varied forms therefore should be cared for with utmost reverence and affection. But what do we actually do to save the extinction of rivers or to take care of the rivers which needs rejuvenation? How many people actually feel that we should really do something to save our rivers! Even if we think, have we taken any measures? If we have taken any measures, do other people know about that? If they know, do they have any suggestions!!! May be they have, but they don’t know that where to reach out with their ideas!

The “International River Congress!” is endeavor on our behalf to bring together scientists, historians, archaeologists, sociologists and simply academia, stakeholders and industry partners who actually can and will research and work for the wellbeing of rivers from all over the world, especially focusing on the South Asian region in terms of addressing the ‘need for awareness of Natural water resources and water shed management for future.’ The NCAS, being the host for the 3rd International River Congress to be held on 1st and 2nd November 2024, is happy to bring to the foreground the significance of Sri Lanka’s water: its purity, PH value, and above all, its prolonged pride on water heritage management through well planned water/irrigation management technology and systems that encompasses any ancient engineering technologies in the world. Thereby, the Conference organizing team expects bringing all the stake holders together on a single discussion table to share, enhance and deliberate with their ideas on how the world can prepare to overcome the challenge of pure water in future society, and how Sri Lanka can become a partner of world’s mission towards restoring water through restoring eco systems and water she management.

It will also be a platform where everyone can discuss and deliberate about River Basin Management, which simultaneously important to that of water shed management, because water basin is the hub where the livelihood of most of the communities is sustained. This in turns is the platform to think of water financing, water economics and multiple opportunities for entrepreneurship and employability, especially focusing on youth in future cooperation and collaborations. The term ‘River Economies’ will provide the opportunity to think of the river and its role in livelihood in many a ways where  the culture, polity, governing laws and policies are to be revisited and re-identified for the benefit of the future generations while restoring the pure waters.  

Finally, the seminar will also be an assembly of manifestos where the stake holders can share their views or the steps they have taken till date for management of river bank erosion, river rejuvenation & riverine ecosystem sustenance by means of directing for integrated and sustainable planning in future.

Think River Differently

  • To discuss on the emerging issues related to the river and its future planning
  • To develop a strategic vision plan regarding river rejuvenation & its adjacent livelihood development
  • To encourage young minds towards river related studies
  • To develop efficient water shed management system and network of distribution among needy communities.
  • To create awareness on how to restore the natural eco systems related to river lines and life’s related to the river.
  • To review new challenges related to rivers through round table conference with multiple stakeholders and academia.
  • To increase the awareness among people about the river & its relevance

Mode of Conference



Focal Themes

Panel Themes


  • Integrated River Basin Management & Emerging Technologies: exploring the benefits and challenges of a multi-disciplinary approach to river management.
  • Climate Change and Disasters: Challenges to Support the Riverine Livelihood: discussing the impacts of climate change on river systems and the measures that can be taken to mitigate these impacts.
  • Designing River Entrepreneurship Model for Regional Development: exploring the challenges and opportunities in river infrastructure development, such as hydroelectric power generation, irrigation, and water supply. 
  • Policy Framing for Sustainable Management of Riverine Cities: Examining the role of government and other stakeholders in shaping water policy and governance, and the challenges of balancing competing demands for water.
  • River Restoration, Rehabilitation, and Sustainability: Discussing the challenges and opportunities in restoring degraded river systems, and the benefits that can be achieved through restoration efforts.
  • River as a means of Cultural Cooperation, trade and International Relations: examining the importance of river systems to local communities, and exploring how rivers can be managed to support socio-cultural values and international relations.

Awards & Recognition

Prof. S. R. Basu Memorial Award
Best River Scientist of the Year
Best River Governance Award
Best River Rejuvenator Award


Please share a short video of river awareness program organise by your institution within  31 July, 2024 in the given mail id

Selected organisations will be awarded at IRC-3 in presence of some honourable dignitaries.

Participation Opportunities

Paper Presentation

Authors are requested to submit their original research papers to enrich our congress

Poster Presentation

Submit your research paper in a poster format and present it in front of the global audience

Full Paper Publication

Publish your full paper in an edited book volume with a proper ISBN Number 

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Registration Types (max. 45 mnt – 1 hr. will be allowed for each panel) 

Gr.-A:  Only Roundtable/Panel Host and Logo share: 2,50,000/- (INR)
Gr.-B:  Roundtable/Panel Host, Logo share & Exhibition Stall (3×3 mt.) : 5,00,000/-

Exhibition & Knowledge Partner

Strategic Knowledge Partner (2 Delegates + Panelist + Logo Branding): Rs: 150000/-

Associate Partner (Logo Branding + 2 Delegates): Rs. 50000/-

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For Academicians: 4000/- (INR) / 70$

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Concept & Patron

Biswajit Roy Chowdhury

The Founder Chairman, SAIARD & RSIGST (formerly IIGST)



Prof. Prashanthi Narangoda

Professor, university of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

Director, National Centre for Advanced Studies, Sri Lanka

Former Director, SAARC Cultural Centre, Sri Lanka


Secretary Finance

Mr. A. Talukdar, CA


Executive Members

Mr. Arindam Ray, Director- Academic Affairs, SAIARD

Ms. Antara Kundu, Project Executive, SAIARD

Mr. Sudip Dey Project Assistance, SAIARD

Mr. S. Gulzar, Faculty, SAIARD

Mrs. M. Barman, Faculty, SAIARD

Mr. Arnab Chatterjee, Sr. Official & PRO, SAIARD


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