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  1. Land Use and Land Cover change in Mumbai (2012-2022) using GIS & Remote Sensing.
  2. A study on Creation of Green Corridors in Ranchi city with the help of GIS.
  3. Analysis Decadal Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) change of Barrackpore, West Bengal: A Geospatial Approach.
  4. Analyzing temporal Land Use Land Cover change and its impact on NDVI and LST using Geoinformatics technique in Barasat of North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal.
  5. Supervised Classification of some part of Nabarangapur district (Odissa).
  6. Land Used Land Covered in Nabarangapur, District of Odissa.
  7. Assessment of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in western Ghats – Wayanad District, Kerala.
  8. Land Use and Land Cover change and its impact on Land Surface Temperature: A Study of Siliguri Metropolitan City, West Bengal, India.
  9. Land Use and Land Cover Change Assessment Of Lower Ganga Watershed in Howrah District, West Bengal, Using Remote Sensing and GIS.
  10. Assessment of Eco-Sensitive Zone Using Geospatial Technology: A Case Study On Sundarbans.
  11. Effects of Different Urbanization Levels On Land Surface Temperature Change In The City Of Howrah and Kolkata.
  12. The Morphometric Analysis of Sagileru River Basin, Andhra Pradesh, by using Geospatial Technology.
  13. Wetland Identification of Ajay River Basin.
  14. Water Quality assesment of Hooghly river near Howrah district.
  15. Identification of ground water-potential using Geospatial techniques in the Ajoy River Basin.
  16. LULC Changes In The Lower Kankai River Basin: A Geospatial Approach
  17. Mapping Education & Health Facilities of Alipurduar District.
  18. Covid 19 Vaccination coverage of West Bengal, a District Level Analysis.
  19. Health Facilities (North Kolkata).
  20. Application of GIS Technology in Tourism Management of Kolkata, West Bengal.
  21. Urban Flood as Natural Hazard and its Management in Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
  22. Analysis and Characterization of Hydrological Drought under Changing Climatic Conditions Based on SWAT Model Using Geospatial Technology.
  23. Site suitability analysis of agricultural land through AHP and GIS technique A Case Study: East Kolkata Wetland.
  24. Site Suitability Evaluation for Agricultural Land Of Sikkim Using MCDM-Ahp Approach And Geospatial Techniques.
  1. Landslide resilience in North Bengal and Sikkim Himalayas: A geospatial Approach
  2. Role of Geospatial Technology for Biokart farming in Rural areas of Rangareddy District,Hyderabad as an emerging future prospective – A Case Study
  3. Potential of precision agriculture using geospatial technology in kalaburagi distrct, karanataka, india
  4. Geospatial Assessment of Coastal Resilience and Vulnerability along the Eastern Coast of India