International Delta Summit

River Delta (either it may be River Ganga or Amazon or Nile etc.) plays a significant role not only to maintain the riverine ecosystem but also to support the livelihood of human beings. It holds the max. percentage of Biodiversity regions of the world and support us through carbon sequestration and that’s why DELTA is considered as the #BiodiversityHotspot of the world. But due to some unscientific anthropogenic activities this valuable natural resource is now under threatened conditions. Sustainable planning and its proper implementation is required on an urgent basis to restore and rejuvenate its natural condition.


Through this International Delta Summit, the Centre for River Affairs (#CRA) of SAIARD is going to highlight this major issue in front of the world as well as raise its voice for its thorough restoration.


We welcome all the #Delta lovers, Independent researchers, academicians, stakeholders, policymakers etc. to participate in this summit to enrich us.


You may participate in this event as a
  1. KNOWLEDGE PARTNER : 50000 (INR) / $650 
  2. PAPER PRESENTER: 2000  (INR) / $30 
  3. PARTICIPANT:  1000  (INR) / $20
  ** Only Paper Presenters can register themselves for this event after getting confirmation mail about the selection of their abstract
** Organisations willing to participate as the Knowledge Partner of this event will have to share their EXPRESSION OF INTEREST with their activity details. On the basis of their EOI, selected organisations will get invited to register and to present their initiatives through the Delta Summit platform. After registration SAIARD will promote their initiatives and logo in all its publicity materials and also invite one of their representative to present their organization. 
  1. Last date of submission of  Abstracts & Expression of Interest30 March, 2023
  2. Intimation mail for both selected Abstracts and the Knowledge Partners: 10 April, 2023
  3. Registration Starts for all three categories of participation: 11 April, 2023

Bank- SBI
Account No- 38377901244
IFSC Code- SBIN0016629
Beneficiary Name- SAIARD – DS


WhatsApp: 6289169916, 8617708435

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