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“If Rivers are considered as the Veins of Mother Earth, then Delta is its Lungs.”

River Delta plays a significant role not only to maintain the riverine ecosystem but also to support the livelihood of so many people. The ecosystem (both natural and socio-economic) of the delta is somehow different from the whole course of the river. It is considered as the lungs of mother Earth which holds the maximum percentage of biodiversity of the world. Not only that the different socio economic and even geopolitical parameters are particularly dependent on the whole characteristics and changing correlation of river delta. It is the means of livelihood of a large number of people, it is the trans-boundary zone which connects the land with the ocean, it is the focal point of major Geo-political issues as well as a bowl of maximum percentage of world’s natural resources and green energy, it run through our history and culture, and link us to people and their civilizations also it is the only source which can help to increase the natural landscape of any country.

  But unfortunately due to some mismanagement and unscientific practices this valuable natural landscape now remains in threatened conditions. Lots of islands or natural landscapes have just vanished due to the unscientific human encroachments, government policies and its fallacies. Along with that, different natural calamities, illegal immigration, poaching, Socio-economic backwardness, lack of proper knowledge and awareness about the existing natural resources etc. day by day affects and causes serious damages of the lungs of Mother Nature.

  Sustainable Delta Management Plan and its proper implementations are required on an urgent basis to restore and rejuvenate its natural conditions and also to get the maximum benefit from the available resources through proper resource mobilization as that it can support in case of livelihood development of the actual deltaic people.

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