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SAIARD is committed to undertaking rigorous, relevant, and objective research towards improved decision making in the areas of both natural & anthropogenic resources. It is our endeavour that our experience from technology development and deployment as well as institutional and business models provide insights for designing policies that can upscale successful solutions from a few to the many.”




The South Asian Institute for Advanced Research and Development (SAIARD) has been instrumental in driving positive change through its policy advocacy initiatives. With a dedicated focus on addressing critical issues across the South Asian region, SAIARD’s policy advocacy efforts have significantly contributed to shaping effective policies and fostering sustainable development. SAIARD’s approach to policy advocacy involves comprehensive research, data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and strategic communication. By bringing together experts, policymakers, and civil society representatives, SAIARD ensures a well-rounded perspective that informs the policy recommendations it puts forth.Over the years, SAIARD’s policy advocacy related works have spanned a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, education, environmental conservation, economic growth, and social justice. By identifying gaps in existing policies and regulations, SAIARD effectively advocates for evidence-based changes that can lead to better outcomes for the region’s population. Through meticulous research, collaboration, and strategic communication, SAIARD has been a driving force behind positive policy changes in various sectors. Its commitment to evidence-based advocacy continues to contribute to the betterment of lives and the advancement of sustainable development across South Asia.


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Forest & Biodiversity
Critical Minerals & Mining
Transport Management


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