About us

South Asian Institute for Advanced Research and Development (SAIARD), an ISO & MSME (Govt. of India) certified and Vidyasagar University, West Bengal affiliated premier academic cum research institution, formed in Kolkata under the Trustee Registration Act (Reg. No- 163000060, 2019; UAM No- WB10E0019172 ) of Govt. of India with a motto to spread the arena of research throughout the world particularly focusing on the major issues of the South Asian region. 

SAIARD, a Research and Knowledge hub, has started its journey with a broad vision and objectives to promote research, advocacy, education and innovative ideas through publication, various outreach programmes, collaborations and partnerships for sustainable and cognitive development of this region. As well as to provide skill-based education to the students and make them employable and strengthening the hands of both public and private sectors by providing all-round supports.

The basic purpose of this institution is to focus on the all-round academic development especially for our students to find out a platform for their future endeavours. For that purpose, SAIARD adopts a community-based approach through various training, education, awareness and entrepreneurship programmes, enriching with the modern phase of technological innovations. SAIARD emphasizes more on policy-based research interventions on multi-disciplinary issues related to environment and socio-economic aspects and sharing far-seeing ideas for the betterment of society and humanity.

Research Advocacy 

  • Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability & Management
  • Remote Sensing & GIS
  • Sustainable Tourism Management 
  • Health & Family Welfare
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Financial & Business Management
  • Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Urban & Rural Planning & Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Women Empowerment & Development
  • Socio-Cultural Issues

Certification / Accreditation/Affiliations

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