To encourage the mind  of academic and intellectual fraternities and those who wants to leave an imprints of their thought, SAIARD has brings an unique opportunities for them through its publication wing.  SAIARD Publication is that where you can document your voice, publish original research works at a very minimum rate of cost. With the beginning of our journey we have started to work on 6 books among them one has already published through our publication house. We believe through our quality publication we can enrich our society intellectually and support for its all round development.

Published Books

Selling Price

Hard Copy: 300/- ; Soft Copy: 200/-

Selling Price

Hard Copy: 400/- ; Soft Copy: 250/-

Selling Price

Hard Copy: 1300/- ; Soft Copy: 800/-

Selling Price

Hard Copy: 800/- ; Soft Copy: 600/-

Selling Price

Hard Copy: 400/- ; Soft Copy: 250/-

Selling Price

Hard Copy: 700/- ; Soft Copy: 450/-

Selling Price

Hard Copy: 500/- ; Soft Copy: 300/-

Selling Price

Hard Copy: 700/- ; Soft Copy: 400/-

Upcmoing Books


Guidelines for the Author >

Guideline for Authors

The ABSTRACT (not exceeding 300 words) Submit your articles/case studies within 2,000-2,500 words. KEYWORDS, subject to a maximum of five, which should be arranged in alphabetic order separated by commas and full stop at the end. TITLE (14-point Times New Roman) Authors’ names (12-point Times New Roman), Designations, affiliation/ address, telephone number and email id (10- point Times New Roman) CONTENT,12 Font Size (Times New Roman style) and 1.15 spacing


Major Highlights

·         Word Document but not in Pdf

·         The articles may be based on primary or secondary sources

·         In case of case based on primary source, consent/clearance to publish the case will be required from the company/organisation/individual.

·         Submit a teaching note along with the case is mandatory.

·         Author(s) should avoid plagiarism in order to maintain the standard of the publication.

·         Plagiarized paper above 10% will be rejected.

·         SAIARD will publish the softcopy of this book.

·         For hardcopy Author(s) have to pay the printing charges and postal charges (if required).

·         Publication charges will be varied in case of hardcopy & paper back format

Want to Publish or Purchase ?

** SAIARD brings an opportunity for those who wants to publish their own Edited Book Volume through our publication. For that they have to submit their ideas through the given mail ID with the following details: 

  1. Name of  the Editor/s
  2. Theme/Concept and Title of the Book
  3. Max. No of Papers 
  4. No of Volumes 
  5. Target Audiences
  6. No of Pages (Apprx.)

** Price and other related matters will be discussed on the basis of the application

** To purchase our books you just have to pay the amount (through online bank transfer or scan the QR Code of bank details ) as per the selling price of the concerned book and send a demand in the given mail Id mentioning the Name of the Book/s,  No. of copies requires and Billing Address along with the payment receipt.

Application Mail ID- /

WhatsApp No: +91-6289169916