Very soon, SAIARD, a MSME (Govt.of India) certified academic institution, is going to start different short term CAPACITY BUILDING AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS on some relevant topics for the students under its scheme of STUDENTS ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME (SEP). Resource persons from the different academic and non-academic institutions will come to share their knowledge with you and according to their suggestions, we have prepared several course modules which are important for enhancing your skills.

Now it’s an open opportunity to all of you that you can also be part of SAIARD’s CONTENT DEVELOPER i.e. if you have any idea or wish for any workshop on any particular topic which you want to learn or feel that SAIARD should organise.. You are welcome to send your wish to us by mentioning the following details in the given mail id.. i.e.

* Name of the Topic/Theme of the workshops.
* Reasons to choose the Topic.
* Sub-topics that you need to discuss/know.
* Your Full name, Designation and Contact details.

Your sending modules will be scrutinised by the expert members (if necessary, send back to you for further modifications) and if it is found suitable or relevant, then we will publish it in our website by mentioning your name and designation as the CONTENT DEVELOPER / COURSE DESIGNER like other faculty members.
So, don’t think so much, just go ahead….