South Asian River Consortium (SARC)

South Asian River Consortium (SARC), a voluntary platform has been formed under the aegis of SAIARD, to discuss and work on the various river related issues particularly in the South Asian countries. Representatives from the different international countries are the members of this consortium who have a wide experience in the field of River science and have done enumerable works on that particular field to protect this valuable natural resource and support in case of both policymaking and livelihood development. Time to time the members of this council will share their knowledge, experience and research related matters on that particular field. Besides that they will also raise their voice about the protection of this natural resource through awareness campaigns, conferences etc. and the sustainable utilization of this natural gift for the sake of mankind. The SARC members will meet at a regular interval to take some policy initiatives & its proper documentations  so that it can support the riverine ecosystem of their respective countries.   


River Dialogue

Exchange of Knowledge


Research collaboration


Capacity building

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