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SAIARD – Franchise

SAIARD, has been formed with a motto to spread the arena of research throughout the world particularly focusing on the major issues of the South Asian region.  SAIARD, a Research and Knowledge hub, has started its journey with a broad vision and objectives to promote research, advocacy, education and innovative ideas through publication, various outreach programs, collaborations and partnerships for sustainable and cognitive development of this region.

The basic objectives of this institution are to focus on the all-round academic development especially for the students by providing them skill based education and training, make them employable and strengthen the hands of both public and private sectors by providing them skilled manpower. For that purpose, SAIARD adopts a community based approach through various training, education, awareness and entrepreneurship programs, enriching with the modern phase of technological innovations. SAIARD emphasizes more on policy based research interventions on multi-disciplinary issues related to environment and socio-economic aspects and sharing far-seeing ideas for the betterment of the society and humanity. 

To spread the arena of academic sphere and focusing on its motto to develop any region (both socially and economically), SAIARD has taken an initiatives to give franchise to any individual or institution those who wants to run SAIARD’s skill based courses at their own premises under the coverage’s of SAIARD’s rules and regulations. 

The basic objectives of this initiative is-

  1. To prepare skill based manpower in geospatial fields.
  2. To generate human resource to support both the government and the industry
  3. To create employment opportunities.
  4. To develop the region both socially and economically.


Centre for Applied Geoinformatics

Centre for Applied Geoinformatics of SAIARD is one of the dynamic platform devoted to promote the geospatial education and enhancement of capacities in that particular field both for the academic and non-academic fraternities. To fulfil these objectives, since its formation, we have continuously doing lots of capacity building and outreach programs in collaboration with various academic and non-academic institutions. Along with that as one of the major objectives of SAIARD is to strengthen the hands of the Govt organisations and industries so, to reach this vision we have signed MoU with the NATMO, a govt of India organisation and other industry partners to make our country strong in geospatial sector. We are happy to announce that through its various short term and long term courses still now SAIARD has also created job opportunities of more than 40 candidates. 

Courses offers

11 Months Diploma/PG Diploma in Geoinformatics course.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of taking SAIARD’s franchise are as follows:

  1. SAIARD offers its franchise initially for pan India basis. Any individual or organisations throughout India may apply to take this opportunity.
  2. Applicants have to show their own building (either purchased or rented or leased), 3 to 4 number of classrooms with min. 15 seat capacities, infrastructures, labs with computers and license software’s, faculty rooms, CCTV, library space, Smart board or Projector facilities, drinking water, electricity & separate toilet facilities  at their premises. Franchise institutions have to share the CCTV link to SAIARD for further monitoring. For rented or lease property at least 3 years occupancy agreement is mandatory.
  • Applicants may apply for SAIARD’s franchise to run its courses, but their franchise will be completely dependent on the decisions of the SAIARD authority.
  1. The applicants have to produce their valid documents at the time of their application.
  2. After selection the applicants have to deposit  40000/-(Forty thousand) at a time as an application fee which is completely non-refundable.
  3. Selected parties will be bound to follow/maintain the rules and regulations /work under the guidance and decisions of SAIARD.
  • Franchise institutions will get a UNIQUE ID CODE on the basis of which their centre will get recognised.
  • They have to display a sign board mentioning the full name of SAIARD for e.g.  “SAIARD – Centre for Applied Geoinformatics [Barasat Chapter] ”along with the logo of SAIARD
  1. In the case of the admission and examination system, the decision of SAIARD is final and SAIARD will control the total admission and examination system.
  2. Franchise institutions have to send a monthly progress report to the SAIARD.
  3. Franchise institutions will not be able to take any other franchises.
  • The validity of this franchise is one (1) year  After verifying its satisfactory completion their validity can be renewed for the next three (3) yearsand to renew this validity they have to apply at least two months before to the authority of SAIARD and for each renewal Rs. 25000/- (Twenty five thousand) will be charged from the franchise institution. This amount may be changed as per the decision of the SAIARD body.
  • The whole admission fee will be deposited in the SAIARD’s bank account and after deductions of 30%SAIARD will transfer the rest amount i.e. 70% of the total revenue directly in the franchise’s bank account in 2 phases (50% just after admission + 20% just after the final exam).
  • Selected parties will not be entertained or entitled to manipulate/discrete/change the course modules without the prior permission/intimation of SAIARD.
  1. Franchise institutions have to provide jobs for their enrolled students.
  • In case of the number of seats of the enrolled candidates, the decision of SAIARD is final. That is SAIARD will decide the number of seats per courses of the franchised institution on the basis of the availability of infrastructure of the concerned institution.
  • Franchise institutions may run 2/3 batches of the same course, but they have to officially intimate SAIARD before doing that.
  • Franchise institutions have to intimate SAIARD officially if they want to include/conduct any new course. The course modules have to pass through SAIARD’s Board of Studies.
  • Like course modules and the number of seats, the institutions have to follow the course fee structure of SAIARD. In simple terms they have to charge the same course fee which will be decided by SAIARD and they will not be entitled to make changes to any of our course fees structure. Though the course fees may vary on the basis of its geographical presence.
  1. Franchise institutions have to maintain their proper quality and dignity in case of conducting SAIARD courses. In that case, SAIARD will take monthly feedback reports from the students of the concerned academic centres. In any case, SAIARD will not entertain or compromise on maintaining/ providing poor quality of services.
  • Dress code (For the students) and ID card (for both students and faculties) are must to attend the class. ID card will be provided on behalf of SAIARD.
  • Franchise institutions have to recruit quality teachers for their centres and their interview will be taken by the presence of SAIARD’s authority. Besides those Franchise institutions has to bear the salary of those faculties and other officials.
  • Franchise institutions will not be entitled to sell/share the ideas/decisions/confidential matters of SAIARD. Even they will not be able to give SAIARD’s franchise to any other institutions.
  • Team SAIARD can visit Franchise institutions at any time without giving any prior notice to them. Even SAIARD has all right to take feedback from the students regarding the quality of services provided by the franchise institution.
  • If any kind of malpractices can be seen in case of syllabus modification/manipulation, number of enrolment, course fees, maintaining poor standards/quality of teaching or violating the rules and regulations of SAIARD by the franchise institution, their franchise will be cancelled and legal actions will be taken against them.

By Order


Any individuals (who wants to open an academic institution like start up) or institutions may show their expression of interest to take SAIARD’s franchise by sending a formal application mail at with the following details.

  • Name of the Applicant (Individual/Organisation):
  • Postal Address (Residence):
  • WhatsApp Number:
  • Email ID (Personal):
  • Aadhar Card Number (File have to attached):
  • PAN Card Number (File have to attached):
  • Postal Address of the institution (Valid documents have to attached):
  • Infrastructures available (Attached file with all details and supporting photographs)