SAIARD Franchise

Terms and Conditions of Franchise

About Franchises 

To spread the arena of academic sphere and focusing on its motto to develop any region (both socially and economically), SAIARD has taken an initiatives to give franchise to any individual or institution those who wants to run SAIARD’s skill based courses at their own premises under the coverage’s of SAIARD’s rules and regulations. The basic objectives of this initiative is-

  1. To prepare skill based manpower.
  2. To generate local human resource.
  3. To support local government.
  4. To create employment opportunities.
  5. To develop the region both socially and economically.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of taking franchise of SAIARD’s Courses  are as follows:

  1. Any individuals (who wants to open an academic institution like start up) or institutions may apply for taking SAIARD’s franchise by sending a formal application mail at mentioning their required course details from SAIARD.
  2. Individuals or institutions has to show their own building (either purchased or rented), 3 to 4 number of classrooms with mini 20 seat capacity, infrastructures, labs with computers and licence software’s (in case of technical courses like RS-GIS etc.), faculty rooms, library space, drinking water, electricity & separate toilet facilities at their premises.
  3. Applicants may apply for SAIARD’s franchise to run its courses, but their franchise will completely depend on the decisions of the authority SAIARD.
  4. The applicants have to produce their valid documents at the time of their application.
  5. After selection the applicant has to deposit 50000/- (Twenty five thousand) at a time as an application fee which is completely non-refundable.
  6. Selected parties will be bound to follow/maintain the rules and regulations /work under the guidance and decisions of SAIARD.
  7. The franchise institution will get a UNIQUE ID CODE on the basis of which their centre will get recognised.They have to display a sign
  8. board mentioning the full name of SAIARD (in case of individual) or have to mention the line i.e. “Franchised by South Asian Institute for Advanced Research and Development (SAIARD)” (in case of any institution) under the name of their institution at sign board or advertisement. Along that they have to use our logo in their signboard and advertisement also.
  9. In case of admission and examination system, the decision of SAIARD is final and SAIARD will control the total admission and examination system.
  10. The franchise institution has to send a monthly progress report to the SAIARD.
  11. The franchise institution will not be able to take any others franchise.
  12. The validity of this franchise is one (1) year. After verifying its satisfactory completion their validity can be renewed for the next two (2) years and to renew this validity they have to apply at least two months before to the authority of SAIARD and for each renewal Rs. 40000/- (Forty thousand) will be charged from the franchise This amount may be changed as per the decision of SAIARD body.
  13. The whole admission fee will be deposited in the SAIARD’s bank account and after 30% deductions SAIARD will transfer the rest amount i.e. 70% of the total revenue directly in the franchise’s bank account.
  14. Selected parties will not be entertained or entitled to manipulate/discrete/changes the course modules without the prior permission/intimation of SAIARD.
  15. In case of the number of seats of the enrolled candidates, the decision of SAIARD is final. That is SAIARD will decide the number of seats per courses of the franchised institution on the basis of the availability of infrastructure of the concerned institution.
  16. Like course modules and the number of seats, the institutions have to follow the course fee structure of SAIARD. In simple they have to charge the same course fee which will be decided by SAIARD and they will not be entitled to make changes any of our course fees structure.
  17. The franchise institution has to maintain their proper quality and dignity in case of conducting SAIARD courses. In that case, SAIARD will take monthly feedback report from the students of the concerned academic centres. In any case, SAIARD will not entertained or compromise on maintaining/ providing poor quality of services.
  18. The franchise institution has to recruit quality teachers for their centres and their interview will be taken by the presence of SAIARD’s authority. Besides that the franchise institution has to bear the salary of those faculties and other officials.
  19. The franchise institution will not be entitled to sell/share the ideas/decisions/confidential matters of SAIARD. Even they will not be able to give SAIARD’s franchise to any other institutions.
  20. Team SAIARD can visit to the franchise institution at any time without giving any prior notice to them. Even SAIARD has all right to take feedback from the students regarding the quality of services provided by the franchise institution.
  21. If any kind of malpractices can be seen in case of syllabus modification/manipulation, number of enrolment, course fees, maintaining poor standards/quality of teaching or violating the rules and regulations of SAIARD by the franchise institution, their franchise will be cancelled and legal actions will be taken against them.