International Urban Conclave

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The Conclave

Transforming Cities into Smart Engines

Urbanization is an inevitable and irreversible process that is fueled by modern innovation, technology and psychological changes of the citizens. The outcome of such process creates employment opportunities, brings about advancements in infrastructural, transportation and communication, improves quality of educational and medical facilities, and enhancesthe standards of living. The cities being the high concentrated-urban form, acts as the forerunner of growth and a catalyst for global economic development. The Urban Conclave 2022 will address the pros and cons, and the strengths and weaknesses of those vital urban organs to build a strong future.

It is always expected a city to survive under various kinds of pressures: space conflicts, urban services, infrastructure supports, home to climate refugees and the other such pressures. As sustainability becomes the primary criteria, and these challenges becoming the integral part, a conclave of policy-makers, educationists, executives and all scholars have become an all-important call-out for reimagining, reconsidering and restructuring the existing urbanscape.

  • Discuss and design agendas for cities to make them efficient, effective and sustainable.
  • Plan and suggest strategies to confront new and upcoming challenges.
  • Discuss the possible incorporation of advanced technologies, such as GIS, GPS, Automation, Robotics, etc. in planning and management of cities.



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Points of Discussion


River Sensitive Urban Planning • River-Cities Alliance • Role of Stakeholders in River based City Management • Ensuring Urban Water Security • Changing Role of Urban Governance • Urban Rejuvenation • Landuse Planning & Generating Urban Finance • Climate resilience city development • Urban Issues & Possibilities in Eastern and North-Eastern India • Smart City Management • Urban Problems and Solutions • Inclusive Urban Development • New urban-scape for new urban India • Smart Cities as smart engines • Rapid and efficient transit oriented development • Smart Infrastructure for new urban India


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