Centre for Climate Change & Disaster Management

Centre for Climate Change &
Disaster management

About CCDM

The Centre for Climate Change & Disaster Management (CCDM), a flagship initiative of the South Asian Institute for Advanced Research and Development (SAIARD). It will play a crucial role in advancing knowledge, building capacity, and fostering collaboration to address the complex challenges of climate change and disasters in the South Asian region. It will strive to become a beacon of excellence and a catalyst for positive change in the field of climate change and disaster management. It aims to become a regional Center of Excellence, dedicated to research, capacity building, and policy advocacy in the areas of climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and sustainable development.


  • To work as a climate change and disaster management policy advocacy think tank
  • To conduct cutting-edge research on climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and adaptation strategies.
  • To develop innovative solutions for disaster risk reduction and management.
  • To provide training and capacity building programs for professionals, policymakers, and communities.
  • To serve as a knowledge hub for information exchange, networking, and collaboration among stakeholders.

Focus Areas:

  • Climate Change Adaptation: Studying the impacts of climate change on various sectors such as agriculture, water resources, and urban infrastructure, and developing adaptation strategies.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction: Developing methodologies for risk assessment, early warning systems, and resilient infrastructure.
  • Technology Blend: Implementation of cutting edge technology to provide solutions in case of DRR.
  • Sustainable Development: Integrating climate change and disaster risk reduction into sustainable development planning and implementation.

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