Centre for Climate Change & Natural Disaster

Centre for Climate Change &
Natural Disaster

About C3ND

Centre for Climate Change & Natural Disaster is an important unit of SAIARD which has developed particularly to address on various issues related to hazards/disasters. Due to the recent changes of human-nature relationships we faced various natural and man-made hazards particularly in eastern and north-eastern parts of India. Therefore, considering the lacking of proper research and planning based institute in disaster sector, SAIARD has developed this centre and we believe in future it will play an important role to sort out the problems and providing solutions of various upcoming hazard related issues. With this perspective C3ND will join its hand with several Govt. & Non-Govt. organisations like IMD, NIDM, NESAC, NDMA etc. who are  working on that particular field, as a supporting hands, to make our future urban unit much more better and sustainable.

Advocacy of C3ND

Academic Courses

Capacity Building


Geospatial Training

Data Analysis

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Team C3ND

C3ND >

  • 1 Year Diploma in Disaster Management and Planning
  • 1 Month Certificate Course on Regional Climate Change Projection: Statistical Down-scaling  through R 
  • 1 Month Certificate Course on Doppler Weather Radar in understanding, Monitoring & Predicting Severe Weather phenomena
  • Flood as natural hazard and it’s management in Kolkata Municipal Corporation
  • Seasonal variations and spatial vulnerability assessment of extreme lightning events in India, using GIS
  • Using geospatial technology to delimiting a tropical super cyclone Amphan over south 24 parganas and Bay of Bengal and it’s impact on agriculture
  • Application of GIS technology in impact of Amphan cyclone on public health & challenges and monitoring the Amphan cyclone in Kolkata
  • Change detection in coastal sand dune caused by cyclone events, east coast, southern India

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